Scrap Yard

The process of making good designs often includes a few mistakes. Sometimes I'm lucky and get things working on the first try, but more often it takes two or three revisions to get it there. And since the PCB manufacturer I use has a minimum order quantity I end up with a fair amount of scrap.

Rather than throwing them away, I've decided to sell the extra boards here at discount price. It's up to you to get them working. I will provide details of fixes I have made to get them functional, just click on the images to be taken to the details.

Wireless Temperature Sensor - V2

  • Need to cut and rewire one trace.

Smart BLDC Commutator - V1

  • Only works with 5 volts on the microcontroller.
  • Maximum motor voltage is 18 volts.
  • Need to leave off three components and replace with jumpers.

Smart BLDC Commutator - V2

  • Need to cut three traces and add three resistors.

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  1. Hi Makeatronics

    Is Smart BLDC Commutator (full assembly) still available? 50 pcs. May I have your contact info? Thank you.