Smart BLDC Commutator - V2 Fixes

This is V2 of the smart BLDC commutator. The final version is expected to be V3.

Changes from the version to the next (i.e. things wrong with this version):
  • Changed P-channel MOSFET gate driving strategy.
  • Changed silkscreen from 4081D (AND gate) to 4011B (NAND gate, pin compatible).
  • Reduced drill size of battery and motor phase connection points to accept 3.5mm female bullet connectors.  
To get the board working you need to cut three traces and add three resistors. See the image below for what to cut and where to add. Cutting traces is easy enough using a hobby knife.

(You can ignore the copper wires going from the MOSFETs to the B and C outputs in the second image. I replaced MOSFETs and tore off the pad in the process. The wires are just to guarantee a good connection.)

You will also need an ISP programmer to upload the code. I would highly recommend buying a dedicated programmer(I like this one), but a spare Arduino can be made to work in a pinch. Also, since this board uses a combination ISP/control pin header, you will need to replace one end of the ISP cable with a narrower profile connector. I used this one from Digi-key. A little pricey, but you only need one and it's easy enough to put together.

Bill of materials and firmware will be added to this page soon.

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