October 29, 2015

Recent Makeatronics Store Purchases

To all those who have made a purchase since September 1st, I apologize for the radio silence on your order status. I am currently manufacturing boards and plan to ship by the end of the week.

Because some of you have waited far longer than you should have had to, I will be offering a 75% reimbursement to any open orders placed before October 1st and and 40% to orders placed from Oct 1st through 17th.

As for the future of the Makeatronics Store I am currently exploring alternative manufacturers. Production is outpacing what I can comfortably keep up with which is leaving me little to no time to devote to new development. I will continue or take orders until other arrangements are made.

Again, I apologize for the lack of communication. Even with a busy schedule there's really no excuse for the lack of communication.


  1. Hello.
    I have question concerning your smart bldc commutator. Is it possible to change firmware there in assembled commutator, or do i need buy unassembled then program atmega before assembling? I would want try more complex control.

  2. Hi Nich, you did great job and I am looking for buying couple of the smart board. Could you advise if this board can drive those hub wheel motors we are seeing in the hover boards?

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv4UIHgjna0

  4. I'm a part of Wyolum, and we do open source hardware projects. We've been pretty happy with Seeedstudios for both our manufacturing and fulfillment. Let me know if you'd like an introduction, or interested in partnering with us for your projects. I'm using your 24 V ssr board in a personal thermostat project right now. Love your site!

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