October 29, 2015

Recent Makeatronics Store Purchases

To all those who have made a purchase since September 1st, I apologize for the radio silence on your order status. I am currently manufacturing boards and plan to ship by the end of the week.

Because some of you have waited far longer than you should have had to, I will be offering a 75% reimbursement to any open orders placed before October 1st and and 40% to orders placed from Oct 1st through 17th.

As for the future of the Makeatronics Store I am currently exploring alternative manufacturers. Production is outpacing what I can comfortably keep up with which is leaving me little to no time to devote to new development. I will continue or take orders until other arrangements are made.

Again, I apologize for the lack of communication. Even with a busy schedule there's really no excuse for the lack of communication.

March 25, 2015

Smart BLDC Commutator Assembly

I added an option to the Smart BLDC Commutator in the Makeatronics Store. You can now order a fully assembled board! Hopefully this will be useful to those of you who would like a BLDC driver but don't want to get dirty with SMD soldering.

More surface mount assemblies will be in the store in the coming weeks, so keep checking back.

January 2, 2015

New Year Update

Ok, so this page has been pretty quiet for a while now. I am in the middle of a huge house renovation project that has been taking a lot of my time, but I have had a few projects going in the background, so I'll give an update on those.

First off, prices for the 24V AC SSR and Smart BLDC Commutator circuits have been reduced a little. Purchasing higher volumes of components has brought my price down and I wanted to pass those savings on to you. Also, I removed the "temporarily out of stock" note on the Smart BLDC board (d'oh!).

The Wireless HVAC Sensor circuits now have a PCB + Components option. No assembly at this time, but that brings me to my next point.

I have things in motion to resurrect my old reflow toaster oven to start offering full assemblies of the surface mount circuits. Solder paste stencils are on order and I've been rewiring the oven to be more permanent than its last incarnation. Along with that, I will be writing a blog post on how I converted my toaster oven  and the control logic used.

And since I will have a reflow oven I ordered prototypes of a SMD version of the popular 24V AC SSR board. This will hopefully offer even more savings on the assembled option once everything is up and running. Bare PCB and PCB + Component options will continue to ship as the through hole version.

My 3D printer is still in progress. No major advancements in the last several months, but lots of sourcing parts and CAD modeling. It is my plan to have it finished before the end of 2015.

I have some other ideas floating around in my head that I will start to tinker with as I have time available. Keep checking back for updates!