August 24, 2013

IR Remote Repeater

Last year I installed my TV on the wall. I really liked how it turned out, but I didn't like the look of cables running up the wall from my DVD player. So I put a recessed box behind the TV, routed the A/V cables through the wall and stowed the equipment in a nearby closet. It cleaned up the look of the room a lot, but there was a hurdle to overcome: how to I control the A/V equipment with a remote? I needed an infrared (IR) repeater to pick up the signal near the TV and repeat it in the closet where the media equipment is. I know there's commercial solutions to this problem, but I figured it would be easy enough to build my own.

August 20, 2013

Building a 3D Printer

I've decided to do it. I'm going to join the ranks of those who have a 3D printer in their homes. While having the ability to print custom parts for future projects will be a definite benefit, I must say that the lion's share of the fun will be in the making of it.

Now, I know there is no shortage of plans and designs available for DIY 3D printers contributed to by a community of makers, hackers, hobbyists, etc., I've decided not to go with an existing design. My schooling focused on robotic kinematics and control as well as mechanical design. It seems a shame not to put that learning to good use. Perhaps I'll blaze some new trails in the process.