January 5, 2013

Why another blog on the blogosphere?

I like to build stuff. I find joy in spending countless hours tinkering on various projects to do things that I think are cool, even if they are already commercially available. There's something about knowing how and why something works, and recreating it myself. Plus, I think the cranial exercise is good for me.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Utah Mechanical Engineering department. There I was introduced to the field of Mechatronics which quickly captivated my heart. I decided to do the extra coursework and projects to earn a mechatronics certificate along side my bachelors degree. Now, as a "real" adult, when I come home from work I spend a fair amount of my free time delving into various projects--partly to do things I find useful, and partly to expand my knowledge of the subject.

I've decided to create this blog as a way of making available the information I learn while working on these projects. The hope is that I'll provide enough detail for others to recreate what I've done, plus a healthy dose of theory where applicable.

While I intend for non-material things to be freely available (knowledge, plans, code, etc.), there are material objects, some of which I have custom made (i.e. circuit boards with a minimum quantity to order), that I will make available to purchase. I don't plan to get rich off of anything I post here, and the things I do sell will be just enough to cover manufacturing costs and maybe a little extra to fund additional projects.

Welcome, I hope you like it here.

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