May 18, 2014

Makeatronics Store Now Online

Up to this point all products I've put up for sale have been so only through the blog post that described them. This quickly got confusing and cumbersome as I've slowly finished more projects and released them for sale. Now I've built a simple store to host everything. Blog posts where things used to be for sale have been updated to point to the store.

Up to now I have only offered a few bare PCB's for sale. I am now offering the PCB's with loose components and fully assembled products. As time goes on I hope to also have mechanical items available (think 3D printer parts) plus who knows what else.

If you like the projects you see on this blog the best way to support is to make a purchase in the store. Funds received through sales have a direct impact on the time and money I can spend on new and exciting projects.

Without further adieu, follow this link to the store:

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